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We Are Passionate About Your Rights In The Face Of Criminal Charges. Are You?

If Hammett, Bellin & Oswald, LLC, is your criminal defense firm, you can expect an aggressive style of defense. As lifelong residents of the Appleton and Neenah areas, we are fully dedicated to ensuring that our neighbors who have been accused of criminal offenses have a fair chance at preserving their freedom. You may have been caught in circumstances out of your control or you may have made a mistake and acknowledge that before you were accused or arrested on suspicion of:

Whatever situation brought you to this page looking for a criminal defense lawyer, our approach when we meet you will begin from a standpoint of respect.

You Are Not Your Alleged Criminal Offenses

We have represented enough Wisconsin residents facing legal troubles to know that a person’s worst actions do not tell the whole story about that person’s character. It is all too easy for young and old, rich and poor to find themselves facing intimidating authorities such as:

  • A police officer making an arrest
  • An investigator gathering evidence that may lead to an arrest or conviction
  • A prosecutor focused on proving a case
  • A jury scrutinizing every word and gesture
  • A judge making life-altering decisions for a perfect stranger

Before discussing your case with any of these key players, give us a chance to show you how committed we are to protecting your rights and interests. Don’t assume you know what solutions our defense lawyer may be able to offer you, because we won’t know that until we get to know you. Once we understand the background of your criminal case, we will go to work thinking outside the box. We often arrive at creative resolutions that keep our clients out of jail and moving forward with new hope. Let us give our best to do the same for you.

A Zealous Advocate On Your Side

Our attorneys and our entire law firm has only one purpose in mind: to help our clients face the future with greater chances at a life marked by hope and purpose. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in our office, in a jail or in another convenient location to explain how we can help after an arrest or even better, before an arrest you are afraid might happen soon. Call 920-202-8872 or complete our easy inquiry form to request a free consultation. Do not include confidential information on the intake form other than your contact information.