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What are the latest trends in motor vehicle safety?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Car Accident

Car safety trends include the most common causes of auto accidents and how the automobile design and production industry responds.

Consider the latest concerns on the road and how safety features change to accommodate them.

Increase in career drivers changing road risks

With the boom in courier and special delivery services, highway congestion and increased risk for auto accidents are trends requiring long-term data analysis. This uptick in professional drivers will likely influence road safety measures in the future.

Speeding and distracted driving

Trends in auto accident causes rarely change. Speeding and distracted driving remain the most common factors contributing to auto accidents. Speeding becomes increasingly dangerous with more vehicles on the road, and phones are the top catalyst for distracted driving.

Vehicle safety features decreasing the risk of motor vehicle accidents

Augmented reality is a developing trend in motor vehicle safety. You may already see it in the latest models of luxury vehicles, but it will soon be more common in mass-produced automobiles. Augmented reality refers to the technology used to prevent common accident causes, such as blind spots. For example, thermal imaging can help reduce the risk of accidents occurring in poor lighting.

Other safety feature trends include the following:

  • Safe exit assist technology includes sensors, cameras and other features designed to make it easier to exit the vehicle.
  • Driver monitoring software updates improve control systems to help prevent accidents caused by speeding or improper breaking.

Motor vehicle safety trends reflect new automobile features designed to decrease common car accident risks.