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4 tips to safely share the road with trucks and avoid accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

Sharing the road with large trucks can feel intimidating, especially to new drivers. Trucks are more massive than most other vehicles on the road, so regular motorists might need to learn how to navigate around them safely.

Understanding ways to share the road with trucks safely can help motorists take precautions to avoid accidents.

1. Keep a safe distance

Motorists must give truck drivers plenty of space since trucks require more room to maneuver on the road. Drivers should avoid following trucks too closely or suddenly passing. Instead, they should maintain an appropriate distance and make safe lane changes or stops.

2. Maintain visibility

Trucks have more significant blind spots than cars, so when navigating around a truck, drivers should avoid staying in the following areas:

  • directly behind the truck
  • the passenger side of the truck
  • around the front

A good tip for motorists to remember is that if they cannot see the truck driver’s face in their side mirror, the driver cannot see them.

3. Plan and be patient

Drivers should leave with plenty of time to reach their destination by factoring in the length of the commute and the weather conditions. By planning, motorists can avoid rushed, aggressive driving. This is especially important when sharing the roads with trucks since they need time to maneuver safely, and their heavy loads can affect their speed.

4. Pass with caution

Since trucks have a larger radius and bigger blind spots, when passing a truck, motorists need to avoid pulling in front of the truck too suddenly. Instead, they should use their turn signals and wait a moment before passing. Additionally, they should not pass when driving uphill or around a curve.

By incorporating these basic safety precautions when driving, motorists can help prevent accidents with trucks and keep others safe.