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3 reasons you might modify your parenting time arrangement

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Family Law

Even after a divorce, you must still maintain functional relations with your ex-spouse for the sake of your child. This entails creating and upholding a fair parenting time arrangement, as well as modifying that arrangement when necessary.

You and your co-parent decide upon a parenting time arrangement when determining custody and placement after your marital split. While your mutually agreed-upon plan is enforceable by the court, there are possible circumstances that could warrant a modification to the arrangement.

1. It is in the child’s best interests

If spending more time with one particular parent will clearly benefit the child in their education, health or any other notable area, then requesting a modification may be justifiable. As your child grows older, it can also be worthwhile to consider their own preferences in where they wish to live primarily.

2. There is a change in financial circumstances

A new job can significantly change an individual’s schedule, making the current parenting time arrangement impractical. Similarly, a sudden loss of income can affect a parent’s ability to fulfill the obligations outlined in the current plan.

3. One parent plans to move far away

If one parent moves a significant distance away, such as to another state, it will obviously change the dynamic of your parenting time arrangement. Your modifications may require compromises on specific times of the year when it is most practical for the relocating parent to see the child, as well as plans regarding transportation.

As long as both parents agree to a modification, the court is likely to accept it so long as it does not compromise on the child’s best interests. Be aware, however, that you and your co-parent are beholden to your original plan for the initial two years unless it comes to harming the child in some way.