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Can you fight a possession with intent to distribute charge?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Criminal Defense

When the police find drugs in your home, car or on your person, they will almost certainly charge you with drug possession. Under certain circumstances, they might also claim that you have an intent to distribute or sell those drugs.

Possession with the intent to distribute, or simply “drug dealing,” is a very serious drug crime with harsh penalties. If you are at risk of receiving a distribution conviction, you need to know how to defend yourself and protect your future.

What is an intent to distribute charge?

In many cases, the court considers drug possession to be a misdemeanor offense. Distributing drugs is, at best, a Class E felony according to Wisconsin law. This implies a penalty of up to 15 years in prison with fines as high as $50,000. Be aware that police who arrest you for distributing drugs if they catch you in the act or if they find a large enough quantity to reasonably assume an intent to distribute.

What can you do if you receive an intent to distribute charge?

The most important protective action you can take is to never consent to a search or admit to having an intent to sell drugs. Doing so can eliminate your chance of claiming that any police searches are unlawful. You might also be able to prove that you are a victim of a coercive search.

Being suspected of drug possession or distributing drugs can make you feel powerless, especially if you believe you stand wrongly accused. However, you do have options for fighting against such an accusation and protecting your rights in court.