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When a broken nose results from a car accident

Unexpected accidents are always a possibility when drivers in Wisconsin are on the road. The injuries that can occur from car accidents can be painful and affect the injured person for weeks, months or even years. One injury that is common in car accidents is a broken nose.

The nose is, understandably, a vulnerable part of the body when an accident occurs. The nose protrudes from the face and is not very sturdy against impact injuries. Doctors and personal injury lawyers often refer to the injury as a nasal fracture. While not a threat to the life of the injured person, broken noses are painful and can result in missed days at work.

Detecting the presence of a broken nose

Not all broken noses manifest with the same symptoms. Motorists who experience any of the following symptoms after a car accident may suffer from a nasal fracture:

• Pain when touching the nose
• Swelling of the nose
• Bleeding from the nose
• A nose that is bent or crooked
• Bruising or blackening of the eyes
• Inability to breathe through the nose
• A cracking sound when touching the nose

What to do if the nose is broken

Accident victims who suffer broken noses should take immediate measures to stop the flow of blood. The accident victim can slow the flow of blood by sitting with their nose at a higher elevation than their heart. The head should tilt forward while sitting. The last point is important to remember because a head that leans backward could cause the blood to flow to the back of the throat.

An ice pack will help with the swelling. An injured person should hold the ice pack in place for 10 minutes and then remove the ice pack for the same amount of time. It’s recommended to repeat the process in the same 10-minute increments as needed. No pressure should be applied to the ice pack when held against the injury. The ice pack should be used several times each day for two to three days after suffering a broken nose.

Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life for people traveling the roadways. Individuals with questions regarding insurance claims or compensation following an accident may find the answers they need by consulting with a personal injury attorney.