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AEB on large trucks could reduce rear-end crashes by 50%

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Car Accident

Wisconsin residents who feel anxious when driving around large trucks should know that the same safety features that are in their vehicle can equally benefit truckers. Advanced driver assistance systems boast adaptive cruise control, blind-spot alert, intelligent headlights and more. But one of the stand-out features is forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking.

Almost half of large trucks have AEB

Looking at all the new heavy-duty trucks that are being sold to fleets, 45% to 50% already have AEB installed on them. You’ll want to keep in mind, though, that while most passenger vehicles will be equipped with AEB and FCW by 2022, truck fleets must choose for themselves whether or not to incorporate them.

Reducing the number of rear-end collisions

The advantages of AEB and FCW are clear. One Arkansas-based fleet installed the two on 98% of their tractors, and the result was that these vehicles initiated 50% fewer rear-end collisions. In those cases where the tech did not prevent a crash, it mitigated the force of the impact.

What would have been fatal accidents involved injuries, and what would have involved injuries led only to property damage. The result was shorter equipment downtime and lower driver turnover. Many fleets that have experienced the safety benefits are urging the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to consider adopting AEB and FCW nationwide.

Legal representation for truck crash victims

Nevertheless, while ADAS is meant to assist drivers, they themselves must still be well-trained and responsible. Auto accidents, including cars, motorcycles and trucks, are usually the result of drivers neglecting their responsibility to other road users. If a negligent trucker harmed you, you may have a case against the trucking company, but you may want legal help before filing a claim. Evaluating the case under this state’s comparative negligence law, the lawyer may determine the damages that you can seek.