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How to arrive at a custody schedule

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Family Law

Perhaps the most important part of a Wisconsin divorce agreement is the custody schedule that the parents create. When there is a realistic schedule in place early on, it can reduce the risk that the two parents end up fighting in court. Accordingly, parents will need to use some forethought and prudence when they choose the appropriate custody schedule.

Parents will need to think about things from their children’s perspective. After all, the yardstick for everything that they do should be what is in the best interests of the children. The kids may not want to be continuously shuttling between homes. Alternatively, they might not want to be away from a parent for a long time. Parents must consider the needs of their children as opposed to their own.

The best schedule would combine logistic concerns with the children’s needs. Parents should not simply aspire for convenience. The schedule will govern the children’s lives, and it is not a matter of winning or losing. Parents need to consider the here and now as opposed to thinking about what might happen in the future. The best thing is when the two parents can agree on their own about the custody schedule. It shows the children that their parents can cooperate, and it sets the stage for success in the co-parenting relationship.

A divorce and child custody lawyer could assist his or her client with negotiating the custody schedule. An attorney might point out various considerations that parents should consider when trying to decide what is best for their children. If the two parents are not able to agree on a custody schedule, a lawyer may take the case to family court so that the judge can rule on the matter and impose a custody schedule on the two parties.