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What is the right visitation schedule for an infant?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Family Law

The ideal infant visitation schedule will not be the same for all Wisconsin parents. It may even take some time for parents to figure out the solution that best meets their infant’s needs. In any event, the parents must figure out how to balance both sides’ rights with what works for the child.

What will most likely happen is that the father will get short visits during the infant years. This is usually the best way to begin the visitation schedule. Over time, the father should be able to have longer visits. Eventually, this could grow to encompass overnight visits, but it is likely that the child will not be ready for this type of visit for some time.

The challenges increase when the mother is breastfeeding. Visitation time for the father may depend in part on how the mother is choosing to feed the infant. There must still be efforts made to allow the father to see their child. Breastfeeding cannot be used to fully deny the father access. Ideally, both parents will work together to find the best solution without the involvement of the court. As time passes, they could modify the arrangement.

A child custody lawyer could help a client work out an agreement that will allow access for both parents. The attorney might make suggestions for a workable schedule that could be adjusted as necessary. Sometimes, one or both parents must go to court if they cannot reach an agreement. In this situation, the attorney would present their client’s case to the judge in the hopes of obtaining a satisfactory court-ordered solution.