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What happens right after a DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | DUI/DWI

Many motorists in Wisconsin wonder what happens in the time immediately following an arrest for suspicion of DUI. The police could take many different actions after apprehending the driver. For some drivers, it may be their first time being arrested, so the experience will be frightening.

The process starts after the police take the motorist into custody. The alleged offender goes to a local police station or jail for processing. During that time, police will take certain information such as fingerprints and a mugshot. They’ll also check the driver’s criminal history. During this time, the driver stays in jail until bail is set for them.

Bail can be set at the police station or by a judge. The driver will need to post a bond that guarantees they’ll show up for a trial. The amount of the bond depends on the criminal history of the driver and their flight risk. Some drivers cannot afford bail. To get out of jail, they’ll have to go to a bail bondsmen. In some cases, the driver may be released on their own recognizance without bail being necessary. The motorist will simply need to promise that they’ll show up for future court proceedings. If they don’t appear, they could be arrested.

Those who are facing this process may need the assistance of a DUI attorney. The consequences of a conviction could include fines or even jail time. Thus, an attorney might help negotiate a plea bargain if prosecutors are offering one. If prosecutors are seeking to go to trial, or if the plea bargain terms are too harsh, the DUI attorney could represent the client in court.