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Being proactive to stay sane in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Family Law

When a divorce is making its way through the Wisconsin courts, spouses may find themselves bearing a heavy emotional burden. This is magnified when the divorce is contentious and there is a legal battle. If a person is not careful, they could find themselves on the verge of a breakdown by not taking steps to protect their sanity.

Self-care in a divorce begins with finding trusted people to talk to in order to share thoughts and emotions. Sometimes, it helps to have someone to talk to because divorce sparks many intense thoughts. Having a sounding board helps separate and extinguish some of the more extreme thoughts while promoting more logical ones. Perhaps the best service that a support network can render is to convince the person that they are not to blame for the divorce. While it helps to talk to people about the divorce, one should not discuss it with the children because it puts them in a compromising position.

Staying busy is also very important during this time. Remaining engaged in hobbies or taking on new ones is one way to busy the mind and keep negative thoughts from dominating. Not only can pursuits be empowering, but it may also help that they are distracting. Finally, a person should make sure to stay on top of their physical appearance because it can affect the way they feel.

While a divorce attorney may not be able to directly help emotionally, their presence handling the details of the split should help free up some of their client’s mental energy so that they can focus on themselves during this time. Part of the stress of a messy divorce comes from having to deal with the legal details, and a divorce attorney might make their client’s life easier by sparing them from having to do this alone.