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by | Jul 16, 2019 | Car Accident

According to the National Safety Council, recall compliance rate is only 44% for vehicles 5 years and older as compared to 83% for newer vehicles. As a result, The National Highway Safety Administration estimates that there are about 53 million vehicles on US roadways that have unresolved safety recalls – or more than one in every four motor vehicles.

The lack of safety compliance can obviously increase the risk of injury from car and truck crashes. Everyone is put at risk, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bikers and construction workers. There are multiple campaigns to assist vehicle owners in checking for recalls. One good source is at NHTSA’s website:


There is also an easy procedure at the site operated by a coalition between the NSC and Fiat Chrysler:


You simply need to know your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN). It is better to be safe than sorry. At Hammett, Bellin & Oswald, LLC we represent the victims injured in motor vehicle crashes. We see the aftermath of all kinds of crashes from distracted driving, impaired driving, inattentive driving, reckless driving, improper loading, improper maintenance and more. There is no need to compound those problems with issues that can be efficiently fixed like safety recalls.