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5 Long-Term Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Why it pays to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney

Not all criminal cases are created equal. Some charges come with life-altering penalties that could result in years of incarceration or state supervision. Others feature a more lenient penalty phase. However, all criminal convictions have certain consequences that defendants would do well to understand and anticipate. These are five of the most important.

1. Your Charges and Conviction Become Part of the Public Record

As with many other legal matters, your criminal conviction will become a matter of public record for years. Anyone who wishes to access it is free to do so. Although it may be possible to conceal a conviction after a significant amount of time has passed, this is a separate, complicated area of the law.

2. Potential Limits to Employment Opportunities

Although there are some protections in place for job-seeking individuals with criminal records, employers have a great deal of latitude to terminate or refuse employment to workers who fit this description. Additionally, your conviction will appear on your criminal background check for years to come. If a job opportunity requires you to submit to a background check or obtain a license or certification that isn’t available to individuals with a criminal record, you could find yourself at a disadvantage.

3. Problems Finding Suitable Housing

In many cases, a criminal conviction can severely restrict your ability to find suitable housing. Whether they’re explicitly stated or informal, many landlords have policies against renting to individuals on probation and parole. In other cases, individuals with a criminal record may not be eligible for housing subsidies and other assistance that could make the difference between a subpar living arrangement and a comfortable home.

4. Student Loans and Other Financial Issues

Depending on the nature of the crime, your conviction could disqualify you from receiving federal student loans or other forms of financial aid. The federal government regularly updates its rules for aid, so it’s best to check with the Department of Education on this matter.

5. Privileges of Citizenship: Voting, Military Service, and SNAP

Depending on its severity, a criminal conviction could disqualify you from many of the privileges associated with American citizenship, including voting and military service. It may also render you ineligible or limit your access to assistance programs like SNAP.

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